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Anonymous asked: Sorry for the random question, but do they card for getting in at Union Pool? Thanks!

sure do

stella artois
  • martha: sam was saying in the UK stella is associated w/ domestic violence
  • me: HAHHAAH why
  • martha: cause only dumb bros drink it and then they cause barfights and hit their gfs
  • martha: I thought he was making it up but then Beau said the same thing
  • martha: like there are bars that won't serve it in the UK because they think it's more likely to cause drunken fights
culture clash
  • martha: lol 23 year old wants to bring over wine and cook w/ me
  • martha: wtf
  • martha: I just wanted to make out at a bar
  • me: erm
  • me: weird
  • me: who are these baby adults
  • martha: well he's from the midwest
  • martha: maybe that's why
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